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REFER friends 
everyone gets 20% off!

Whether you are already a student, or thinking about signing up to FLIGHTINSIGHT in a group, you can take advantage of our generous referral offer.

The easiest way to benefit from this offer is to share your personal referral link in a group chat like WhatsApp! 

Your cohort gets a discount and everybody wins. 

Already a student?

If you are already a FLIGHTINSIGHT student, then you have already experienced how our courses provide a great foundation to becoming a more confident pilot.

If you have your eye on your next course, then you refer friends to get 20% off! 

Our mission is to make the skies as safe as possible and get all pilots the training they deserve, so we have a generous referral program. 

It's simple: You tell your friends about our courses and give them a 20% off code to use. When they sign up, you get 20% off your next course purchase. 

Everyone wins!

Click the button below and login to get your referral link that you can send to other pilots.

Not yet signed up to FlightInsight? 

If you and one or more pilot friends are considering taking to the skies with FLIGHTINSIGHT then you can all benefit from this offer. One of you can use the button below to sign-up for a FREE account to get your referral code to share with the others. 

Once they have purchased using your code, you will then have access to your 20% off.

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