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Student referrals

 get 20% off your next course when your friends purchase

If you are a student thinking about purchasing your next course with FLIGHTINSIGHT then our referral program is for you! 

You'll already appreciate the advantages of flight training using the FLIGHTINSIGHT methods, so you can be sure that other pilots are going to benefit from our teaching style and clarity of explanation.

Your personalized referral link gives 20% off to anyone who uses it, and you also get 20% off your next purchase when they buy.

Read on to find out how to access your referral link, and some simple ways to share it to get your own discount by using WhatsApp, Email or Social Media.

Finding your referral link

Your referral link can be found within your course dashboard, simply login to your account (using the button below) and you'll land directly on the page with your URL link which you can share.

You can access this link at any time under "refer a friend" in the navigation menu within your dashboard.

This is where you can see any rewards you've earned.

SHARING your referral link

Your referral URL is personalized, so whomever you share it with just needs to click the link to access the FLIGHTINSIGHT website and when they go to the checkout, the 20% off discount will be automatically applied.

3 simple ways to share your link

Students are successful getting referrals by sharing their link in the ways below:

By WhatsApp

A lot of pilots in training are members of a WhatsApp group with other trainees, and this is exactly the kind of group who would appreciate and benefit from a referral offer. 

If you have found our courses genuinely useful (alongside the thousands of other students who have completed our courses!) then you know that other trainees will benefit.

The easiest way to share your referral link on WhatsApp is to send it to your cell phone by accessing your account on your cell, or sending the link to your email address and opening the email on your cell.

Then you can copy and paste it into a short WhatsApp message to your group.


This messaging has worked for other students:

"I've just completed an online training course that's really improved my flying knowledge and so I'm sharing this link that gives you 20% off any course - contact me for more info: (INSERT YOUR REFERRAL LINK)"

By email

Another great way to share your link is via email. This works best if you have discussed the course with someone and they've shown interest.


We've found that this works really well if shared with your instructor, who passes the link onto their other students. 


Many of our students have impressed their instructors with their deep understanding of complex topics, which gives instructors the confidence to share the source of this knowledge - FLIGHTINSIGHT! 

It's really easy to share your referral link by email, you can use the suggested text below when you send the link to your instructor, or any other interested parties:

"I wanted to share the link to the course we were talking about. Anyone who uses the link below to purchase a course will get 20% off - I've found the courses really insightful and they've given me more confidence flying. 

If you know anyone you think might benefit from these courses, please feel free to share the link:



WhatsApp and Email are really good ways to directly share your link with people you know will be interested, but what about people in your social networks who you may not even know are interested in flying (or their friends)?

Social media networks were built for this type of sharing. 

Whichever network you decide to share on, it's a similar process - use an image from the cockpit and some text along the lines of:

"Flying a plane is one of the greatest experiences. I've been training with FLIGHTINSIGHT and really recommend their courses. Use the link below to get 20% off their courses and reach for the skies!


If you are sharing on Facebook or Instagram stories you can insert the link into your content, but if you are doing a post on Instagram you will have to add it as a link in your bio. 

OTHER ways to share your link

The three options above have worked really well for our student referrals, but there are plenty of other ways to get the word out including Slack, Discord, Telegram or LinkedIn.

You'll be surprised how many pilots are out there, and it's a nice way to share something you've found has helped your flying.  Ultimately this is all about giving pilots the confidence to fly more.

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