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how to land an airplane

strategies to perfect your approach and
give you confidence in a range of scenarios

If you have any experience in the air, you know that landings are hard - and a crucial part of being a confident pilot. Pattern work is tough, and being able to land a plane is not a natural skill that humans are born with!

However, landing a plane is about skill and a large part of that is understanding. This in-depth landing course provides all the understanding I've engendered in my students over the years to ensure that they think about landings the right way.


Once you've gone through this course, you'll have a number of 'a-ha' moments that will help you see the bigger picture of what's involved in getting your plane on the ground safely.

Priced at only $129 for unlimited lifetime access, this course provides immersive and engaging content that will improve your flying forever.

For more details about what's included in this course, read our full course description below:

how to land a plane COURSE PREVIEW

This course is designed to show you concepts in ways that you've never seen them before.  We focus on developing long-lasting knowledge that will stay with you for thousands of hours of future flights.


This video gives you a taste of what you can expect, or click the button below to view the full course preview - you'll appreciate the level of detail from the first preview video: 


Using animated graphics and real-life examples you will have many "lightbulb" moments throughout the course.


Continue your studies on any internet-connected device and pick up where you left off on another device. You can even download lessons for offline viewing. 

Practice exams & quizzes 

Hundreds of practice test questions modeled on the FAA Knowledge Test, and an endorsement to take the real thing, will prepare you to pass with flying colors. 


Any questions about the  courses will be dealt with directly by Dan, the course creator and founder of FLIGHTINSIGHT

Course Description

Welcome to the How to Land an Airplane Course! This course is designed to give you the strategy, knowledge, and tools to perform safer landings, and make you more confident when landing the aircraft.

When it comes to landing an airplane, there is no substitute for in flight training and practice. However, too often, pilots spend too much time performing the same mistakes in the pattern, and not enough time breaking down concepts and knowledge in the calm environment of ground training. This course is designed to fill that gap.

Each of the modules includes a series of video lectures and animations illustrating concepts. All the course material is available online once you’re enrolled on the FlightInsight course page. You’ll have lifetime access to all materials and can take and retake modules as many times as you’d like.

After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

• Understand the aerodynamic and physical theory behind how an airplane flies and lands

• Apply your knowledge to both basic landings and more advanced landing tasks tested on both the Private and Commercial checkrides

• Gain useful tips and tricks to tweak your landing techniques and become more confident in the cockpit

At only $129 for unlimited lifetime access, this course provides exceptional value for any pilot who wants to develop a solid fundamental understanding of flying.

What Our Students Say:

Your videos are gold! The visuals were very helpful in trying to understand something on a micro level. I found myself thinking if only someone could make diagrams and then found this beauty.


Thanks for this!

- Shawn Holmes

Course Description
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