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Our Teaching Style

The "Thinking Pilot's" Ground School

FLIGHTINSIGHT lessons have been developed to simplify the explanation of complex topics giving our students deep and lasting knowledge.


Using a variety of training tools and an engaging style, Dan ensures the courses are easily digestible and relatable. 

Clear. Concise. Visual.

This example video has been viewed nearly 3 million times on YouTube. 

The top-rated comment is from a highly qualified pilot trainer: 

"After seeing hundreds of instructional videos, this has to rate amongst the top 1%... I am a 2,000 hour gold seal CFI, MEI and CFII out of ISP. I will have my students watch everything you have produced."

University-Level Learning  

FLIGHTINSIGHT's courses have been developed by Dan George. As Professor of Aerospace at the University of Maryland, Dan developed a rigorous and prolific curriculum for his students.

Unhappy with the lack of detail and clarity available from other offers on the market, he developed FLIGHTINSIGHT to provide access to a deeper level of knowledge for all aviation students. 


Holds the viewer's attention, allowing you to absorb information without getting bogged down in unnecessary details


Thanks to this approach, course students come away with the confidence that they really understand the material and concepts. 


Using approachable graphics and real-life scenarios, you will learn the "why" and not just the "how" of key cockpit concepts 


Using our lectures, students are able to unlock complex concepts and often feedback that it's "the first time I really understood it!". 

Key Course Components & Benefits

The result of our teaching style is that FlightInsight students come away with a more intuitive understanding of flying.


They are smarter, better equipped, and more confident in the air.


The results speak for themselves: we've seen thousands of our students graduate our programs and earn their ratings, and many of our students find themselves returning to FlightInsight for their next rating, or enrolling in all of our programs to support them along their entire flying career! 

What Our Students Say:

Love the clear, patient and calm presentation! For me, I find this type of communication more effective; I personally need amplification of basic principles and a calm instructor who makes the subject matter clear. As a novice who doesn't want to drink from a fire hydrant of information, I'm very impressed.



- JL Murrel

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