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GROUP referrals

 get 20% off your course when Your FRIEND BUYS

If you are not currently a FLIGHTINSIGHT student, but want to purchase a course, then you can buddy up with someone else and...

you can both get 20% off your first course!

Just follow the simple steps below and you and your flying buddies will both get a 20% discount off a FLIGHTINSIGHT course.

1. Sign-up for a free FLIGHTINSIGHT account using the button below:

2. In the navigation menu in the left-hand of your dashboard you will see a "refer a friend" section. Click here and you will see your Referral Link that you can "copy". This is a personalized link that gives anyone you send it to a 20% discount.  When someone purchases using this link you will also receive a 20% discount.

3. Send your Referral Link to your friend by email or WhatsApp so they can click it and choose their preferred course. When they go to the checkout their 20% off discount should be automatically applied.

4. Once they have completed their purchase, you can return to your dashboard and access the "refer a friend" section where you will find your 20% off code. 

5. Use this code to purchase your course. 

6. The more people you refer, the more 20% off codes you will get.

It's that easY 
start by signing-up

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