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Our pilot training courses have been expertly designed to take your flying to new heights.


Developed by Flight Instructor and Aviation Professor, Dan George, and viewed over 10m times by his 100K+ followers on Youtube, this unique style of teaching results in long-lasting knowledge based on a deep understanding of the many complex topics required to be an excellent pilot. Learn more about Dan's unique teaching style here.

Many students select our ALL ACCESS BUNDLE which includes all of our courses forever for a cost of $580 - instead of over $1500 if you purchase the courses separately - that's over 60% off! 

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Private Pilot Online Ground School - $229

Develop the fundamentals required to become a pilot with this carefully designed course. You are going to learn everything you need to reach for the skies.

Private Pilot


Instrument Pilot Ground School - $229

Over 30 hours of detailed and immersive flight training and test prep exercises to take your flying to the next level. You will finish this course with all of the skills and knowledge you need to fly safely whatever the conditions.

Instrument 150.png
Glass anchor


Transition To Glass Cockpits - $197

Upgrade to modern avionics as you learn everything you need to know about the Garmin G1000 platform. Get prepared to master the Garmin G1000 for VFR and IFR flight with in-depth training and flight scenarios. 


Fly the glass cockpit the way it was designed to be used.



landed plane.png

How To Land An Airplane - $129

Learn all the tips and tasks you need to master in order to confidently land a plane in a range of conditions. Landing is about skill and understanding, this course will teach you the strategies to employ to perfect your approach and reach the ground safely.


VFR Radio Communications - $129

This course is all about teaching you to make clear, confident radio communications. We'll take you through a range of scenarios so you can practice and perfect this critical aspect of flying.



Instrument Proficiency Check - $99

Take your instrument training to the next level with this expert course designed for pilots with their IFR rating. If you've been away from flying or want to brush up your skills, this course is for you.


Bundle 01

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All Your Courses:
Right here - Only $580

Our most popular bundle! 

This complete set of FlightInsight courses gives you knowledge that will stay with you throughout your flying days.

This bundle gives you lifetime access to all current and future FlightInsight courses.


Individual course value = $1209.
save over 50%

Bundle 02

Bundle 03

Instrument Pilot Ground School


Transition To Glass Cockpits

Private Pilot Online Ground School


Instrument Pilot Ground School

Instrument 150.png

$362 - save 15%

Instrument 150.png

$388 - save 15%

Bundle 04

Bundle 05

Private Pilot Online Ground School


VFR Radio Communications

Instrument Pilot Ground School


Commercial Pilot Ground School

Instrument 150.png
image (3).png

$293 - save 18%

$326 - save 30%

How To Land
Radio Comms

04 NEW!

FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR Ground School - $229

Make the jump over to the "right seat" with our carefully designed course preparing you for the most important job in aviation: Flight Instructor! Includes Fundamentals of Instructing, Technical Subject Areas, Lessons Plans, and test prep.

avel-chuklanov-ZEiqbaQhmvE-unsplash copy


image (3).png

Commercial Pilot Ground School - $197

Developing a career in aviation is one of the most rewarding undertakings a pilot can sign up to.  We are here to give you the tools you need to excel in your profession.

Flight Instructor
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