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The no.1 requested FEATURE IS HERE:

If you want to monitor your course progresS & share it with your instructor - then our new app is BUILT for you!

Simply follow this link and sign in with your FlightInsight course email and password to connect your accounts. 

With this app you will be able to:


  • See which courses you have purchased

  • Monitor your progress in each module

  • View the percentage you've completed

  • Invite your instructor to view your progress  

This app has been built with students, instructors and flight schools in mind.



Integrate FlightInsight Ground School into your overall training program by allowing your CFI to track your progress through our courses.

If you're a current student, register here and you can send an invite to your instructor to view your progress.


Our most frequent request from instructors is to be able to view their students' progress in real time - now you can! 

As an instructor, you can sign up and invite your students to join the app. Students can assign as many instructors or flight schools as they want, and can change instructors at any time.


Flight Schools:

Are you a flight school managing a large cohort of students?

You can invite them all to our companion app and easily track their progress!

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