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Take a Mock IFR Checkride!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Have a look over the shoulder of a candidate taking the flight portion of their IFR checkride in a Cessna 172. The four videos here break down the tasks you'll need to perform on an instrument checkride.

We've chosen a challenging route in Pennsylvania that will cover all the tasks required in the Instrument ACS. We'll be checking them all off as we go along. Hopefully these videos will give you a better feel for what you can expect on your checkride!

These skills are critical to becoming a solid IFR pilot and we cover them in detail in our IFR Ground School. This in-depth and engaging course contains hours of lectures that will have you ready to fly whatever the weather.

Here's our route for today. It's a "round robin flight plan, beginning and ending at Capital City Airport in Harrisburg, PA. We've also listed the approaches we'll be doing at each airport:


VOR/DME-A @ 9D4 -- ILS 31 @ KMDT -- RNAV 26 circle-to-land RWY 12 @ KCXY

Part 1: Clearance and Departure

We've passed the oral portion of the checkride! Watch as we climb into the cockpit and get our clearance and depart Capital City Airport.

Part 2: Non Precision Approach and Holding Proceudre

We've taken off RWY 26 at Capital City, and are on our first leg to the Ravine VOR. The examiner will "fail" our GPS, meaning we'll have to do the VOR/DME-A without its use. We'll also be going missed and doing the published hold.

Part 3: Unusual Attitude Recovery and Precision Approach

After the hold, the examiner will evaluate our unusual attitude recovery. Then, we'll get vectors for the ILS to runway 31 at Harrisburg International for our precision approach.

Part 4: Partial Panel Approach and Circle to Land

We're nailing this checkride! The final tasks will have us fly back into Capital City Airport. We are setting up for the RNAV 26, expecting to circle to land on runway 12. Just as we're turning onto base, the DPE covers up our attitude indicator and directional gyro. We've lost our vacuum, system! We'll have to shoot the approach partial panel

How did your flight go? Let us know in the comments if this was helpful, and any routes you want to see us fly in a future sim session. Reach out to us directly at

If you found this useful then you should consider signing up for our IFR course. Thousands of your fellow pilots have done so already, and together we're making a smarter, safer pilot community!

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Jan 20

Thank you


Feathered Store
Feathered Store
Jun 22, 2023

thanks so much for this.


Jun 14, 2023

Awesome series. You should inform ATC that you lost your vacuum system. Your DPE will be looking for that.


Jun 13, 2023

That was exactly how my instrument checkride went...sans the partial panel NDB approach that was thrown in too. Yes, a partial panel NDB approach (back when those still existed). Great video series. It's awesome you guys do this. FlightInsight has my vote!!!

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