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Fly an Approach to Minimums with the G1000

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

It's a rainy and cloudy day in New England, and we're stretching the capabilities of our G1000 equipped SR22 to the max to try to get into Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. These three videos explore our first attempt to land on the Vineyard, going to LPV minimums, as well as our missed approach and diversion to Providence International, where we'll go even lower, to an RVR 1800 ILS approach! I hope you're well versed on 91.175(c) and when we can and can't go below approach minimums!

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We'll be picking up the flight en route over Providence (PVD), and our approach assignment will be the RNAV 6 at Martha's Vineyard (KMVY). We'll be going missed, and then getting vectors for the ILS 5 at Providence. Fly along with us in the sim!

Part 1: Approach Assignment and Briefing

All good approaches start with a good brief. We're flying over Providence, about to pick up the weather and be assigned an approach by ATC.

Part 2: Descent Planning with Vertical Navigation

The G1000 makes descent planning easy by calculating a Top of Descent point from which to start coming down, and allowing the autopilot to fly the descent using the VNV function. Let's have a look as we set up to shoot the approach.

Part 3: Shooting an Approach to RVR Minimums

We've gone missed at the Vineyard and are diverting to Providence. The ILS approach to Runway 5 there has a visibility minimum of just RVR 1800 feet, well below the standard half mile we're used to. It's a good thing too, because we'll need it. When we arrive at the decision altitude, the visibility is so poor that we can't see the runway, but we do see that approach lighting. Our knowledge of 91.175(c) will dictate what happens next!

How did your flight go? Let us know in the comments if this was helpful, and any routes you want to see us fly in a future sim session. Reach out to us directly at

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Aug 18, 2023

You were spot on with your tutorial. I guess the only comment I make is that if the weather was that marginal at Providence then Providence was not your actual alternate as the alternate shouldn’t be a place that needs an alternate itself……not sure about the rules under FAA but that’s the rule here under CASA, which follows ICAO. But then you were demonstrating getting visual using the ALS.

Anyhow excellent demonstration.

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