Frequently asked questions

How do I get my pilot's license?

Most pilots first become licensed by earning their Private Pilot Certificate, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You will be required to complete flight training with an approved instructor at a flight school, pass a 60-question multiple-choice knowledge test, and then pass a practical test (or checkride). You will be required to complete at least 40 hours of flight training, which includes flight in the local area as well as what's known as cross-country flying (flight between two airports). It also includes both time with the instructor and time when you will be flying the aircraft solo! There is an accelerated program known as Part 141 which allows you to complete the license in 35 hours as well at an approved 141 flight school. Remember though, these are minimum hours to complete. Your flight instructor will not move you on to the next step until you are proficient. National averages range around 60-70 hours for students to complete their licenses.

What is Ground School? Why should I take it?

Ground School is training conducted in a classroom setting to become a smarter pilot and to pass both the Knowledge Test and the Checkride. Much of your flight training will be hands-on experience in the cockpit itself, though it's been said that the airplane makes a lousy classroom. Many of the complex topics such as aerodynamics, weather, and airspace should be learned on the ground, not in the air. For every hour students spend in the air, they should plan to spend at least 2 hours on the ground learning these concepts. This ground training can take many forms, it can involve self-study with books and online resources such as those available here, it can involve one-on-one sessions with your flight instructor, or it can involve classroom training like the courses offered by FlightInsight. The best option for you is to study however you feel you will learn best.

How do I start flight training?

Find a flight school and sign up for flights! The Aircraft Owner's and Pilot's Association (AOPA) has a directory of flight schools you can use to find an airport near you. Most flight schools offer what's called a Discovery Flight, often at a discounted rate, to get you up in the air for the first time with an instructor and get a taste of flying. FlightInsight is not a flight school. We don't offer any in-flight training, but provide ground instruction from certified flight instructors who do train students both in the air and on the ground. Our classes complement the flight training you do with your instructor, and work to make you a better, safer pilot.

What can I expect from a FlightInsight Ground School?

FlightInsight Ground Schools are taught by certified flight instructors who apply their knowledge and experience to teaching you what you need to know to be a great pilot. The syllabus for each course includes all the topics required to pass both the Knowledge Test and the Checkride. Many in-person and online ground schools provide similar training, but fall short in developing multiple forms of teaching tools to ensure students are truly grasping new concepts. FlightInsight uses hundreds of detailed slides, graphics, videos, workbooks, and reference files. In addition, textbooks and charts will be used throughout the course. As part of your tuition, you will have access to all of the electronic and hardcopy resources from time you enroll. In this way, class is fully interactive. FlightInsight courses are designed to provide you with knowledge that will aid you throughout your flying career. You won't simply learn once and then lose it later. The resources you'll be getting will help you in class, but you will refer back to them to help you pass your tests, ace your checkride, and brush up on skills later on as well!