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Get this IFR Study Guide to Help Pass your Checkride

If your IFR Checkride is coming up, or you’re just looking to bone up on your instrument knowledge, we’ve got a terrific resource for you at FlightInsight! This is our IFR Checkride at a Glance document. It’s a 15 page pdf that you can get delivered to your inbox by following the link here or in the description and comments. It’s also now an official part of our full Instrument online ground school, so students of that course have access to it through the course page.

The way it’s set up is designed to mirror the flow of the instrument oral, or ground portion of the Checkride. Let’s go through a little bit of the content, and I encourage you to grab a copy and use it for your own studying.

Now when I run students through a mock IFR Checkride, I like to approach it as if we’re examining a real instrument flight, so we’ll progress in chronological order from beginning to end. That’s how this document is set up.

This document goes into what you need to know about your flight instruments, how to plan a flight and get a clearance, departure procedures, minimum IFR altitudes and how to read them on an en route chart, en route procedures and lost communications, VOR navigation, types of airspeeds and altitudes, arrival procedures, holding entries and procedures, procedure turns, all kinds of approaches and how to read approach plates, how GPS works and all the different acronyms, weather reports, charts, and how to decipher METARs and TAFs.

Basically, if it’s on your Checkride, it’s in our document! You can take the guide and conduct your own mock Checkride, or have your instructor drill on it with you. All of our IFR online course students have access to this, and you can get yours for free following the link here!

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