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FlightInsight Selected by Gateway Technical College to Bring Ground Training to Part 141 Students

FlightInsight has been selected to provide ground school training to Private, Instrument, and Commercial flight students in the Gateway Technical College Aeronautics program. Ground training will be incorporated into Gateway’s Part 141 program beginning in Autumn 2023.

The online training courses will be incorporated into the students’ programs at Gateway’s Horizon Center for Transportation Technology in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Adding FlightInsight’s comprehensive training courses into the Part 141 program at Gateway provides students with deeper knowledge in the pursuit of FAA Private, Instrument, and Commercial ratings, boosting their prospects for careers as airline or charter pilots. A flight program certificated under Part 141, as Gateway is, operates with a structured training program and syllabus regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Most formal college and university flight programs operate under Part 141.

Gateway Aeronautics Instructor Craig Czerwinski notes that FlightInsight’s training content is a natural fit for their program. “The quality of FlightInsight teaching is consistent with the level of training we strive for. It’s not just about preparing students for the Knowledge Test and Checkride.” A recent trend in Part 141 programs like Gateway’s is to seek out well established training providers like FlightInsight to complement their own instruction. “As a technical school, we’re focused on our students’ success, so we want to make sure they have the tools and knowledge to achieve their ratings and career goals,” says Czerwinski.

For FlightInsight, enriching Part 141 training programs with its rigorous courses is a natural fit. “I’ve taught aviation at the university level. We’ve incorporated that academic style of teaching into our courses, so they fit very well into formal aviation programs like the one at Gateway,” FlightInsight founder and chief instructor Dan George says. “The great thing about Part 141 programs is that there is a ready crop of motivated pilots. The schools bring the students, and we bring the tools to help them find success.”

FlightInsight is an aviation training company in Maryland creating courses for Private, Instrument, and Commercial flight students. Its courses guide thousands of students in all 50 states and over 40 countries. Gateway Technical College in Wisconsin provides hands-on training in over 70 programs of study to 21,000 students annually.

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