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Fly Along on Our Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

Our instrument currency has lapsed, and we need to grab our favorite CFII to do an IPC. Have a look over our shoulder as we fly the procedures and tasks required to get back to current in a Cessna 172. The four videos here break down the tasks you'll need to perform on an IPC.

We're in the Adirondacks in Upstate New York, doing our approaches at Saranac Lake (KSLK) and Lake Placid (KLKP). Hopefully these videos will give you a better feel for what you can expect on your own IPC!

These skills are critical to becoming a solid IFR pilot and we cover them in detail in our IFR Ground School. This in-depth and engaging course contains hours of lectures that will have you ready to fly whatever the weather.

Our route for today. Is a "round robin," beginning and ending at Adirondack Airport in Saranac Lake, NY, with an approach at Lake Placid. Here are the approaches we'll be doing at each airport:

RNAV 14 @ KLKP w published missed and hold -- ILS 23 @ KSLK -- ILS 23 circle-to-land RWY 9 @ KSLK

Part 1: Planning and Clearance

We have our marching orders, and it's time to plan our departure in this mountainous area, and get clearance from Boston Center.

Part 2: Non Precision Approach and Holding Procedure

Our first approach is the RNAV to runway 14 at Lake Placid. A non precision approach. It involves a course reversal, and descent to an LNAV MDA. We'll be going missed and doing the hold afterwards.

Part 3: Precision Approach

The precision approach on this IPC is the ILS to runway 23 back at Saranac Lake. We'll be going missed and getting vectors for the final approach after this.

Part 4: Partial Panel Approach and Circle to Land

The big finale is another round on the ILS 23, but this time, we're going to fail the vacuum instruments, and perform a circle to land on runway 9. If we nail this, we'll have finished the IPC and gotten our instrument currency back!

How did your flight go? Let us know in the comments if this was helpful, and any routes you want to see us fly in a future sim session. Reach out to us directly at

If you found this useful then you should consider signing up for our IFR course. Thousands of your fellow pilots have done so already, and together we're making a smarter, safer pilot community!

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