Ground School

Pilots with advanced ratings are statistically safer.

The Instrument course teaches the finer points of flying in the IFR system, as well as advanced knowledge needed to fly in all weather conditions. A higher level of professionalism is introduced into the cockpit with advanced ratings. 
Airplane Above the Clouds
An Interactive Course

FlightInsight Ground School is a once per week, 14 week course taught by an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. The course is designed not only to help you pass the required tests to become licensed, but to teach you to be the best and safest pilot you can be.

Instrument Ground School meets once per week for 14 weeks. Each class is 2 and a half hours. College Park Airport conference facilities have the best in audio/visual tools to aid learning 

The course is fully interactive. Electronic materials include hundreds of detailed slides and graphics, videos, and reference files. The materials serve as an in-class aid, as well as a resource to refer back to later on in your training.

The course tuition of $700 includes the textbook, prep booklet for the FAA Knowledge Exam, IFR Low Enroute Chart for the Washington area, and the Terminal Procedures Publication for the Mid-Atlantic States.